"Allison Holdorff Polhill is amazing.
I'm so glad the rest of Los Angeles
will benefit from her excellent leadership."

What's It Like To Work With Allison?
Here's what Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Advocates, and Students who have worked closely with Allison have to say about her:

“Allison Holdorff Polhill is a remarkable school leader who has fought to get the best results for students for almost two decades. Her focused efforts as an active parent organizer and board member have garnered measurable improvements for students and families. Allison fully understands the complexities of strong school/organizational governance and how to establish and maintain a balanced, productive relationship between the board and school leadership. As Executive Director and Principal, I worked closely with Allison during her six year tenure on the Palisades Charter High School Board of Trustees. She does her homework, asks smart questions on all issues, dedicates the time required to work through the many challenges a fully functioning school board must tackle, and always keeps sight of making the best decisions for all LAUSD students.”

Pam Magee, Ed.D.
Executive Director/Principal
Palisades Charter High School

“I first met Allison in 1999 cleaning our children’s kindergarten classroom. We were on our hands and knees scrubbing away, determined to make the school environment better for ALL students-- not just our own.  That passionate drive has continued to grow and emerge. Allison has the uncanny ability to bring all stakeholders together. It has been my pleasure to fight side by side with Allison as a parent AND teacher. I have witnessed first hand her relentless commitment to supporting quality education and equity for all students. I can think of no one better to serve on the LAUSD school board. She’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to unify ALL Los Angeles Schools.”

Nancy Cassaro Fracchiolla
Drama and Media, UTLA Teacher

 “Allison Holdorff Polhill is a change agent for equity in education. As our school board president, she approved initiatives to support both teachers and students. Sitting on the school board with her for six years, I can attest that Allison worked tirelessly as a trustee. During her tenure, students were given better academic support, better school facilities, and better teaching.”

Monica Iannessa
Director of Student Achievement
Palisades Charter High School

"Allison is the clearly the candidate we need now. In the years that I worked with Allison on the board, she strived to serve the needs of all students, regardless of their abilities and backgrounds. The sum of Allison's achievements in our school community has shown she is a true professional with the good judgement required to serve LAUSD district's needs. Allison will fight for a quality public education for every child in LAUSD as she has done for our students for so many years.

Jeanne Saiza 
Social Studies Teacher, UTLA Member

"In a contentious world filled with people who talk loudly,
Allison’s greatest gift is that she listens, looks for solutions,
gains consensus from diverse groups, then acts."

“I have known Allison Holdorff Polhill for close to 20 years and during that time I have seen her act as an incredible advocate for public school education and quality education for all students. She has volunteered tirelessly on committees and boards, on behalf of students, teachers, administrators and the community. As a lawyer, she is well versed in the art of negotiation. In a contentious world filled with people who talk loudly, Allison’s greatest gift is that she listens, looks for solutions, gains consensus from diverse groups, then acts. We need thoughtful people like Allison on the LAUSD school board.”

Jeanne Goldsmith
Parent and non-profit Fundraiser, Mar Vista

"Allison Holdorff Polhill is amazing. I'm so glad the rest of Los Angeles will benefit from her excellent leadership. We at Pali have been fortunate to have her all to ourselves for many years, and now we plan to share."

Karen Newbill, Science Department Chair,
Honors Marine Biology, UTLA Teacher

"I have served on a school board with Allison and I know that she is all about doing what's best for students and supporting teachers and the administration in creating great schools."

 Marike Anderson Dam
Social Studies/ Social Justice, UTLA Teacher

"Allison is the real deal. She cares about all students.  She cares about the quality of their education.

Se puede fiar de Allison.  A ella le importa la educacion de todos los estudiantes. Y le importa la calidad de la educacion."

Sandra Martin, UTLA Spanish Teacher

“I have known Allison Holdorff Polhill for over 30 years. She is a smart, effective leader who has always been an advocate for those who are less privileged. With respect to education policy, Allison cares greatly about two goals: quality and equality. She will work tirelessly to ensure that all students in LAUSD receive the highest quality education. Allison does not care about taking credit for her hard work; she is more concerned about achieving the best results possible. The students of LAUSD could not have a better champion in their corner.” 

Christopher R. Leslie
Chancellor's Professor of Law
School of Law, University of California - Irvine

 "Allison has the uncanny ability 
to bring all stakeholders together."

"Allison is the real deal.  She is well-tempered, well-informed and well-suited to be on the LAUSD school board.  She is compassionate, has seen her children flourish in our public school system and understands the demands and obligations of a school board having chaired one herself.  It is with no hesitation that I give Allison Polhill my full and wholehearted support to run for the board of LAUSD.  It's a step in the right direction for all students of Los Angeles."

John Vieira
Science Department Chair, UTLA Teacher

"I first met Allison Holdorff Polhill when our kids attended Palisades Charter HS together. By sophomore year, she persuaded me to run with her as a member of the school board. I'll be honest, I really wasn't interested, but Allison convinced me that she and I could make a positive difference for our students, and she was right. During the two terms we served on the board together, we endured some tough times including changing the leadership of the school and creating a transportation and scholarship plan so existing students could continue to be bused to Pali. Throughout all of this, Allison always took the lead role from beginning to end making sure the board's focus was always "Students First" on all decisions we made.

She made sure the board was always provided with enough information to make informed decisions. She is hardworking, dedicated and committed to student excellence and improving school experiences for students. Allison was always behind the scenes working with school administration, teachers, union members and other stakeholders on projects such as renewing the school charter, co-developing the evaluation tool for the Principal/Executive Director, conferring with school attorneys on legal matters and co-developing governance and training for the Board.  Allison is a dependable, ethical and fair person. She has the ability to bring opposing sides together through relentless hard work and diligence, always keeping the best interest of students as her guide in the work she does. She brings a unique perspective to her work that helps her to have a balanced approach with anything she encounters. She is a true leader."

Stephanie Inyama
Consultant and Parent, Baldwin Hills

"I have known Allison Holdorff for over 15 years, since I was a young girl playing in the Alphabet streets. Allison has always been a source of comfort, support, love, and safety throughout my years growing up in the Palisades. Allison exemplifies intelligence, strength, stability, and soul. Allison has always been the smart woman that will also give you a big hug. The Pacific Palisades is a wonderful place to grow up and Allison has been an authentic, hard-working, and nurturing figure in my life and I strongly believe that all developing minds would be in excellent hands with Allison as a guiding force in their education."

Farrah Khaleghi, M.A., Pepperdine University,
Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology (Psy.D. Candidate)

"I have known Allison nearly my entire life as the mother of Alex Polhill, a close friend of mine to this day. I saw her not only speak about but actually act on and live a commitment to education for her own children and for all students for over a decade, but I only truly understood Allison's commitment when I worked with her to start the Pali High debate team. Allison took a fanciful dream of mine, to start Pali's first formally competitive speech and debate team, and turned it into a reality. She immediately understood the importance of the project and worked deftly to coordinate the students, administration, coaching, and logistics necessary to support the team. She immediately knew who to call and how to navigate the educational system to improve the lives and education of students. I am confident that when she represents Board District 4 to LAUSD, she will bring that same excellence in passion and knowledge to the broader Los Angeles community."

 Jesse Victoroff,
Former Student, International Debate Champion, Dartmouth College

 "Allison has always been the smart woman 
that will also give you a big hug."

"Though I have only known Allison for less than 2 years, she has had a tremendous impact on my life. On top of being a supportive, kind, and helpful debate coach, Allison serves as a role model for myself and my peers. I can honestly say Allison is one of the most caring and passionate people I have worked with. She dedicates herself to what she cares about and fights for her students to succeed. In addition, she never failed to answer my questions about Pali's school board - she even directed me to online records because maintaining transparency with her students was so important to her. As a college student, I still utilize the skills she taught me in debate and in life."

Erika Siao
UC Berkeley Student, Former Debate Student

"I have known and worked with Allison for over 20 years.  We met while our children were in preschool where we served on the board together. Allison has continued to advocate for all students while our children were in elementary, middle and high school. She has been tireless in her efforts to help students and schools achieve their best. She would make an outstanding addition to the LAUSD board." 

Leslie Woolley
Palisades Charter High School Board Vice Chair and Parent

"I've known and worked with Allison Polhill for the past 13 years. When my son started kindergarten at Palisades Elementary Charter School, Allison was a PEP Co-chair (the parent booster club). The school year began with an interim principal and her leadership was instrumental to the smooth opening of the school and transition within the administration. Throughout our 6 years at the school Allison continued to be an integral part of the school’s governance and parent participation. When I became a PEP leader I strove to emulate the spirit of Allison's leadership. Her priority was always the students and what was best for them.  She was respectful and gracious with faculty and administration, listening to their issues and hearing their perspective. As with any parent organization, tempers and passion could be high. Allison always kept the focus on the principle not the personality.

As my son has gotten older I feel very fortunate that Allison was preceding our family at both Paul Revere Middle School and Palisades Charter High School.  She is truly a tireless advocate for students, faculty and administration - all in the pursuit of the best educational experience possible for all."

Gwenn Victor, Venice Parent

"The students of LAUSD could not have
a better champion in their corner.” 

"Holdorff-Polhill brings to the table a rare combination of assets: deep knowledge of pressing education issues, a sincere openness to multiple points of view, and the proven ability to deliver positive changes as Pali High's school board president and as a governing board member at Paul Revere Middle School and Palisades Elementary. Over the dozen or so years I've known Allison, I've never ceased to be impressed by her determination to make the world a better place, both in her work life as an attorney and as an indefatigable volunteer for cause after cause. Her devotion to the fight for a better future extends beyond advocating for kids like mine, fortunate to live in a neighborhood with a great school -- I've seen that she truly cares about children and families from across L.A. who struggle to get the education they need to pull ahead in life. All of Los Angeles will benefit with Allison on the LAUSD board." 

Adam Wolman, Creative Consultant/Producer

"As a former LAUSD student, it’s clear to me why Allison needs to be on the board fighting for LA’s kids. The district is bogged down in tenuous plans that sound good but don’t achieve much else for our students. That’s the kind of thing Allison will cut right through. She’s effective because she’s driven to get things done, laying out goals and making sure they are followed through on. I know this firsthand because Allison helped kickstart our school’s debate team my senior year, finding funding for our expenses, chaperones for our competitions, and the motivation to help us prep for every event we showed interest in. Allison cared about us on that fledgling team and she’ll care about your kids, too."

Noah Alcus
UC Berkeley Student, PCHS Class of 2016

"Hank and I have known Allison for over 20 years and there is no one more skilled, more trustworthy and more engaged with her heart and soul to take on this incredible task. We’ve watched Allison’s success working with all sides of the LAUSD challenge – the teachers, the administration, the unions, and, most importantly to her, the students.  She listens, watches and has an incredible sense for finding solutions and accountabilities for success."

Ann Banning and Hank Wright
Bright Operations, CEO and Parents


 "I am so proud to support Allison for school board,and here’s why:Not only am I a parent –and I’ve had two children go through public schools who are now in college,but I am also a teacher and a proud UTLA member,and I passionately support Allison because she walks the talk.She is not one of those people who can speak in platitudes and promise you the moon. I’ve actually seen her do this. I’ve seen her handle a school board, create governance in a school that was running a muck. I’ve seen her deal with all stakeholder groups from parents to teachers and students,and really do the right thing. She’s balanced budgets. She’s created community, and I think she’s just ... LAUSD would be so, so lucky to have her in there, you know, a strong woman who can really get the job done."

Nancy Cassaro-Fracchiolla

UTLA Teacher


"I enthusiastically endorse Allison Holdorff for the LAUSD School Board representing District 4.  Allison served on the Palisades Charter High School Board of Trustees for six years in roles that include Board Chair, Vice Chair and as a member of multiple committees. Through her guidance, leadership and involvement, our school has flourished and, as a result, is one of the top performing schools in the district and state.  Her accomplishments have been significant including, but not limited to, the following:
·        Student transportation (Allison was instrumental in addressing transportation issues when the district stopped providing transportation to  our traveling students who had no other way to get to school.  Allison was instrumental in forming a drive “Dough for Diversity” to raise money to continue bus service for our traveling students;
·        Support of diversity and equity on school campuses.  She is at all times a student advocate whose focus is on providing supports for student success.
·        Support for a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility.  Allison worked with teacher and classified unions to in tough budget years to ensure staff compensation was fair and met the fiscal needs of the school.
·        Risk management and the development of effective student support programs.  Allison approaches all issues with a focus on student well being.  She is resolution oriented and strives to create a win-win outcome.
·        Community support.  Allison has been a staunch supporter of public education and worked tirelessly in schools as her children matriculated through community schools.  She has knowledge of traditional and charter schools and the issues faced by both.  She is a tireless worker with her eye always on educational excellence. 
Allison is steadfast in her support for and promotes a positive school culture for ALL students.  Her dedication is steadfast and fully centered on the welfare of students and staff.  She is the candidate needed to support growth and change within LAUSD."
Mary Bush, Asst. Principal / Director
Student Support Services
Palisades Charter High School


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