National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC), Los Angeles County Committee (LACC)

Women's Political Committee (WPC) - State PAC 

Speak Up 

Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Palisades News

Pam Magee, Ed.D.,Executive Director/Principal, Palisades Charter High School

Monica Iannessa, Director of Student Achievement, Palisades Charter High School

Nancy Cassaro Fracchiolla, Drama and Production. UTLA Teacher

Jeanne Goldsmith, Parent and non-profit Fundraiser, Mar Vista 

Karen Newbill, Science Chair, Honors Marine Biology,UTLA Teacher

Marike Anderson Dam, Social Studies/ Social Justice, UTLA Teacher

Sandra Martin, Spanish Teacher, UTLA

Stephanie Inyama, Consultant and Parent Baldwin Hills

Farrah Khaleghi, M.A., Pepperdine University,

Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology (Psy.D. Candidate)

Jesse Victoroff, International Debate Champion, Palisades Charter High School & Dartmouth Graduate

Erika Siao, UC Berkeley Student, Former Debate Student

Leslie Woolley, Palisades Charter High School, Board Vice Chair and Parent

Gwenn Victor, Venice Parent

Adam Wolman, Creative Consultant/Producer, Vice President of Communication Palisades Democratic Club

Kate Anderson, Executive Director, Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnerships

Christopher R. Leslie, Chancellor's Professor of Law, School of Law, University of California – Irvine

Noah Alcus, UC Berkeley Student, PCHS Class of 2016

Jeanne Saiza , Social Studies, UTLA Teacher

John Vierra, Science Chair, UTLA Teacher

Caprice Young, Former Board Chair, LAUSD

Mary Bush, Director of Student Support Systems, PCHS

Daphne Gronich, Parent and Community Leader

Susi Cohen, Parent and Community Leader

Susie Newman, parent and Educational Leader

Rick Steil, Chair of Visual and Performing Arts, UTLA Teacher

Yalda T. Uhls, MBS, PhD, Expert on Child Development, Research, Education and Media

Mystic Thompson, Physical Education, UTLA Teacher

Lisa Saxon, English and Journalism, UTLA Teacher

Josh Elson, Chair Visual and Performing Arts, UTLA Teacher

Dr. Don Brann, DaVinci Schools Founder, School Superintendent, Founder, Small Schools Group, Former City Councilmember - El Segundo, Boardmember-elect of Rise High, Super School XQ Prize

Julie Benke, Science - Biology, UTLA Teacher

Angel Honda, Former Head of LAUSD Magnet School 

Mary Bush, Asst. Principal / Director, Student Support Services, Palisades Charter High School

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    I'm endorsing Allison Holdorff Polhill for School Board. Please join me!
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